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PSAS launches new tools for parents --- December, 2011

PSAS is pleased to announce 2 new features recently launched on the PSAS Website: The PSAS Documentation Portal and the PSAS Upload Center. The new Documentation Portal makes it easier than ever for parents to obtain the resources they need to help complete their applications accurately by providing common worksheets and forms in PDF format for download on our website. The PSAS Upload Center offers a new option of direct upload to the list of ways that parents can submit documentation such as tax returns and benefit statements to PSAS. These new additions should streamline and simplify the documentation process for our families and help our clients in assisting more needy students.

Quick Status

The PSAS Quick Status utility provides administrators and parents with the ability to quickly check the status of their applications. After selecting the link, simply enter the parent's social security number and the school year that they are applying for. The system returns the status of each student on the application and the reasons (if applicable) why the application has been placed on hold.

Online Application

The new PSAS Online Application has been designed to allow parents to enter their own applications. Parents simply enter their information, pay their application fee online by credit card and send their certification information to PSAS for quick verification and processing of their information.